GST Help Desk Number, Email ID, Mobile App and Office Address


September 30, 2019

GST Helpline Number and Email Id

It is natural for people to have questions regarding the new tax system. To get the support what they needed: “GST Help Desk

The Goods & Service Tax (GST) was launched in India on July 1, 2017, with the aim to implement a one tax system throughout the country to remove the cascading effect generated by indirect taxes.


What is GST Helpline?

While various vendors, manufacturer, businessmen and providers are studying the new Goods and Services Tax (GST) System, many government offices have opened multiple windows to solve their query. The regime has opened multiple windows of correspondence to deliver the questions related to GST, the new indirect tax administration that rollout on July 1, 2017.

The Government of India, as well as many private entities in India, have started several help desks to assist people in understanding and accepting the GST based tax system.  They also provide a GST Help Desk no: 0120-4888999.

In this article, you can find about all the existing GST helpline numbers, email ids, social channels, mobile apps, blogs, etc through which you can find a solution to your GST related queries.

What is there for taxpayers?

There are twelve “helpdesk” to understand complicated GST things easily:

Download  PDF file for all in one GST helplines.

  • Toll-Free Number
  • Helpline Email Id
  • Registration Helpline Number
  • Help Desk Phone No
  • GST Helpline No Delhi
  • GST Helpline App
  • Phone Number of Officers
  • CBEC Mitra Helpdesk
  • Finance Ministry Contact Number
  • GST Officers Names with Contact Numbers and Email
  • Websites and Blogs
  • Official Social Media Accounts

Public (Government-provided) GST Helpline Options

The Government of India and the GST Council have introduced some toll-free GST helpline numbers to assist customers in India. You can use the below GST customer care number for any of the following queries:

Problems/issues with GST registration or return filing on GST Portal.

  • To know more about GST
  • To file a complaint

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GST Toll-Free Customer Care Number: 1800-1200-232

GST Toll Free Helpline NumberThe above GST helpline phone number is valid for all states in India and will be active 24/7 to help people with their GST questions. It will provide support in six languages, including Hindi, English, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi and Malayalam. People can also share their suggestions and feedbacks using this toll-free helpline number.

GST Seva Kendra: Government’s Helpline for GST Compliance

GST Seva Kendra can also act as a GST department office for a while, as the GST Seva Kendra or one can call GST Facilitation Centre was introduced to the registered taxpayers by the Finance ministry.

The GST Seva Kendra includes all the manpower and resource to help the registered taxpayers on the topics of GST compliance. It is also helpful to the entrepreneurs and small business.

The GST Seva Kendra offers services like:

  • Helping the registered taxpayers in legal provisions, procedures and documents
  • Making understand the legal provisions, procedures and documents
  • Clearing in GST applications, references etc. of the taxpayers from the GST department and authorities
  • Helping in support from GSTN/DG Systems, CBIC.
  • Assisting the taxpayers from an overall point of view and maintaining the Taxpayer Satisfaction Forms as an improvement

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CBEC Mitra Help Desk

For any questions and problems with ACES/CBEC-GST applications, users can contact the CBEC Mitra Helpdesk using the following contact details.

CBEC Helpline Email id:
CBEC GST Toll-free Number: 1800 1200 232 (Toll-free)

GSTN Helpdesk Email:
GST Contact Email:
GSTN Helpdesk Phone Number (For taxpayers): 0124-4688999 (Ghaziabad)
Helpline Number for Tax Officials: 0124-4479900 (Gurgaon)
GST Help Desk Number: 011-49111200 (Delhi)

Finance Ministry Email Id:
Secretarial Email:

These helpline numbers are based on the availability of GST help desk for a particular region but they are accessible throughout the country.

For other GST related information, you can visit the official websites.

GST Official Website: and
GST Help section and FAQs:

Finance Ministry Contact Details

For more intense GST queries or personal issues, you can use the office contact numbers of various officials of the Ministry of Finance, as mentioned below.

Finance Minister, North Block, New Delhi – 110001
Contact – 011-23092510/ 23092810/ 23093868/ 23094399

Secretary (Revenue) North Block, New Delhi – 110001
Contact – 011-23092653/ 23092111

Secretary of Economic Affairs, North Block, Pin Code – 110001, New Delhi. Contact – 011-23092611 and 011-23092555

Finance Secretary & Secretary (Expenditure) North Block, New Delhi – 110001
Contact – 011-23092929/ 23092663

Secretary (Finance Services) Jeevan Deep Building,10 Parliament Street, New Delhi – 110001
Contact – 011-23340222/ 23343478

Minister Of State For Finance (Revenue & Financial Services) North Block, New Delhi – 110001
Contact – 011-23092377/ 23094108

State-wise GST Customer Care Helpline Numbers


GST Phone Number

Andhra Pradesh 0866 2550822
GST Helpline No Delhi 0124-4688999
Bihar 0612 2214741
Gujarat 079 26576856 or 26576858
Himachal Pradesh 18001808066
Madhya Pradesh 18002330440
Odisha 18003456753
Punjab +91 8283801179
GST Helpline Number Maharashtra 0124-4688999
GST Helpline Number Uttar Pradesh 0522-2721944
GST Customer Care Chennai 1800 180 8066
GST Helpline Number Rajasthan 0141-2227597, 2227960
GST Helpline Kerala 0471155300

GST Office Address (New Delhi)

Goods & Service Tax Council Office, Tower-II, 5th floor, Jeevan Bharti Building, Pin Code – 110001, New Delhi Goods And Services Tax Network, East Wing, 4th Floor, World Mark – 1, Aerocity, New Delhi-110037

GST Officers Names with Contact Numbers and Email

* These numbers and email addresses are only to be used in very crucial circumstances.

Sh. Arun Goyal – 21400540/ 23762656(181) –
Sh. Shashank Priya – 21400543/ 23762656(258) –
Sh. Dheeraj Rastogi – 21400539/ 23762656(188) –
Sh. Gauri Shankar Sinha – 21400542/ 23762656(101) –
Sh. Jagmohan – 21400541/ 23762656(102) –
Ms. Thari Sitki – 23762656(116) –
Sh. Rakesh Aggarwal – 23762656(180) –
Sh. T.G. Kaushik – 23762656(113) –

GST Help on Social Media

Ministry of Finance:
PM Office India:

GST Helpline through Mobile Apps

There are now many dedicated mobile apps for the purpose of helping people with their GST related queries and complaints.

GST Rate Finder:

Private GST Helpline Options

GST Help via Email:

Social Media

Facebook Page:
Twitter Page:
Twitter Handles:  @askGST_GOI,  @askGSTech
Youtube Page:
Linkedin Page:

Mobile Apps

Websites and Blogs

[Editor Note: GST Helpline Number, Email ID, Officers’ contact number and their email address are the helpdesk where people can ask their queries directly from the Indian Government. If you have any comments, suggestions, and of course any corrections, please contact us via the comment section. We frequently reply to all blog comments.


61 Replies to “GST Help Desk Number, Email ID, Mobile App and Office Address”

  1. Sir/Madam
    I did some mistake in filling gstr 2 ,therefore i would like to ractify the return. please show me the way for filing revised return.
    thank you

  2. i have mention to change pricipal addrdess 20 days passed 45 email sended to help desk .105 ph calls done to customer care poor service for gst paid number ,gst no 07ALUPB7500K2ZW

  3. Dealer has opted composition scheme and approved within time, his return filing period was changed to quarterly but subsequently it was changed to monthly, what to do, last date of return filing 15/11/2017 for the month of September. In order to comply with the current return filing period he has to face a big amount of late fee.

  4. Dear Admin,
    GST is in inital stage. We welcome GST regime. We are doing a lot effort to file clients return in time. Due to human intervention and continuance work, it possible by mistake punch wrong figure or in wrong head and its happen. We want some relaxation like revise option .Revise option may be for 2 or 3 days.

    If it will happen then it will great help to GST practitioner as well as to trader.

  5. Sir,
    First we filed GSTR3B for July by wrong. After request mail to helpdesk they open the portal for correction. But now the GSTR3B not saved. When saving continue error occurs. How we save our GSTR3B and filing. Please reply and slove this problem.

  6. For GST registration: Though the DSC is accepted by the GST portal, unable to affix the DSC for registration. The form is 100% complete. Why?

      1. i have filing GSTR3B in july to november. i have not specify the integrated tax from ITC. i have specify the value of integrated tax added to CGST & SGST.

  7. Sir,
    I am been appointed on Clock Hour Basis (C.H.B.) in an Govt. aided Law College in Mumbai. The College pays me a remuneration of Rs.500/- per lecture. The College is going to pay me the remuneration for the month of July, August, September and October, 2017 in which the Institute have informed me that 18% G.S.T. will be deducted from the remuneration. I have the following query in the said facts:
    1) Whether educational institutions are covered under G.S.T.?
    2) Whether the Law College can deduct G.S.T. for the lectures delivered by me as I am been appointed on Clock Hour Basis (C.H.B.) in an education institute?

  8. please mentioned effective date of changes gst rate vide notification no 34/2017-central tax(rate) published on 1 3rd October 2017

  9. THE MONTHLY RETURN HAS BEEN FILED. After that a customer has returned the material saying that it is not matching his requirement. how to cancel the bill and how to file return for this

    1. Once your return has been filed, it cannot be cancelled, but any correction of errors which identified after the return has been filed, can be revised within due date for filing of return for the month.

  10. Sir, any provision you made for GSTR-4 correction/ edit etc, One you return has been filed, it can’t be cancelle.

  11. Hello : During GST online payment, Instead of SGST same amount of money paid in CESS

    How to file for Refund ? Process & Time Required ?

  12. Wonderful post and such a fantastic information that you gave to us. Thank you so much for it. You made a good site and also you sharing the best information on this topic. I am impressed with your site’s blog. Thank you all

  13. Hi, i have uploaded supplier Invoices in 4(B2B) sheet marking as Reverse Charge but unfortunately, i have already paid the tax. i have submitted the GSTR 4 and i want to revise the same. I am yet to file the returns.

    Kindly suggest the procedure to reset the Submit status.

  14. Dear Sir,
    our Firm sale The Good To Special Economical Zone With Payment Of IGST.Our Firm Filed GST Retun With Payment OF TAX In Sep.-2017. Electronic Credit Register Is Not Shown Such Amount Yet Now.How Can I Receipt Of Such Refund?How Can I Ensure Refund Amount Shown Our GST Site?

  15. Madam/Dear Sir,

    We have to reverse Tran-1 Credit of Central Tax only in GSTR-3B but it automatically shows same amount in State/UT Tax field under Sl. No. 4.(B)(2) Others which is un-editable. On account of this we are forced to bear an additional liability under State Tax.

    Therefore request you to get issue resolved and allow us to reverse the amount in Central field only.

    Looking forward for your prompt resolution.

    Thanking you

  16. Crompton company making water geysers are selling there product in same price but the GST on it reduces to 18% forme 28% earlier. But they are not pass the benifit of GST to the consumer’s.

    1. Such a benefit should be pass on to the consumers. Please contact Anti profiteering committee for complaining about such issue.

  17. Dear Sir,
    How to claim Deemed Export refund by we have supply against EPCG license to our gujrat customer.

    1. Currently, the refund under deemed export for a recipient of the supply is available on the portal. For refund of supplier please contact helpline for the same.

  18. There is no provision in Portal for Supplier to apply for Refund under Deemed Exports. Currently there is provision for recipient to apply. Pls let us know how this can be done

  19. I had applied for refund application for the period 01/05/2018 to 30/09/2018, while filing the refund application inadvertently filed NIL instead of Huge Refund amount.

  20. Hello, Could you please guide me on the situation below, I raised an INR invoice along with GST for Consultancy services that I have performed for the past months, the vendor is not paying the GST & not responding back to any phone calls and/or messages.

    Please let me know how to proceed and whom should I have to complain so that I can let the concerned authorities know about it.


  21. I have been made a mistake of filing GSTR 1 in july 2017 in the Financial year 2017-18. The mistake was we have wrongly entered the B2B IGST invoice in B2C (others) now i want to rectify this mistake in current month GSTR1 Amended B2C. But in GST portal – returns – march 2019- GSTR1- 10.amended B2C others -year 2017-18 – month July doesn’t opened. i have facing this problem continuously.Hereby what is the solution for rectifying this issue?

    1. GSTR 1 Revised date reflecting in the amended invoice should not be later than the last date of the original invoice tax return period.

  22. Seller is not paying GST for Sep 17 and 0ct 17 bills in spite of collecting GST from us .amount of GST appro Rs 14000 .We have sent him notice but no responce from him. Due to these we are not getting GST credit and can’t file annual return of 17 -18 .Where to complain ? It’s GST fraud .

  23. Dear Sir
    when giving user name and pass word in gst portal screen shows “System Error Occurred” Pl. try after some time this problem continuing last 2 and half months. how can rectify this problem? tell me sir.

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