Online GST Calculator in India, GST Calculation Formula with Example

Atul Mittal

September 5, 2019

GST Calculator

GST Calculator is an online tool that you can use to calculate the actual tax amount for all your interstate and intrastate supply of products and services. GST (Goods & Services Tax) tax system in India under which a common tax will be applicable on all the transactions of goods and services within a state, outside the state, and/or at the international level.

There are three basic types of taxes under the new system, namely CGST (Central GST), SGST (State GST) and IGST (Integrated GST). CGST and SGST both will be applicable on all the intrastate supply of commodities, while IGST will apply on the interstate and import/export transactions.

Online GST calculator in India allows you to determine tax amount for your goods. You need to select the type of transaction (interstate or intrastate), applicable GST rate, and the purchase/sales amount to find out the type of GST applicable and the tax amount.

How to Use GST Calculator to Calculate your GST in India?

Online GST Calculator is the easiest way to determine the GST amount for any purchase and sale of any product and/or service in India. This GST calculator is based on the GST calculation formula given below. In order to calculate GST for your supplies, you need to know HSN code and tax rate of all your products and services. You can use any online GST Rate checker tool or check the HSN code list to find out GST rate for your product/service.

Once you’ve got everything, you can use the GST Calculator tool to check GST. In the tool, you need to select the transaction type (interstate and intrastate), rate (5%, 12%, 18%, 28%), and purchase/sales amount to find out the GST type and exact amount. You can also check the cost of the product after GST.

How GST Calculation Formula Work

In order to calculate the GST of a particular purchase/sale, the dealer has to know the HSN code and GST rate for that particular product or service. HSN code is a unique code assigned to each tradeable product, based on which the GST rate can be determined for that product. You can find online a list of HSN codes for all products and services. Once you know the GST rate for your product/service, you can use this GST calculator to find out the tax amount for your purchase or sale with GST calculation example.

For all the interstate (between states) transactions, a common integrated tax is applied.

The IGST calculation formula is given below.

IGST = (GST Rate * Purchase or Sales amount) / 100

As you can see, you need to know the GST rate of your product to be able to calculate the GST amount. Let’s take a GST calculation example.

Suppose that you are selling some products from Bihar to Rajasthan for which the GST rate is 10% and the sale amount is Rs. 1,000 then, the IGST will be calculated as follows.

IGST = (10 * 1000)/ 100 = 100Rs.

Refined cost of product = 1100Rs.

CGST and SGST are two different taxes that are levied on every intrastate (within state) transaction. The GST calculation formula to calculate CGST and SGST is as follows.

CGST = SGST = (GST Rate * Purchase or Sales amount) / (2 * 100)

Suppose that you are selling the same product within Rajasthan, then the tax amount will be calculated as follows.

CGST = SGST = (10 * 1000)/ 200 = 50

Refined cost of product = 1000+50+50 = 1100Rs.


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