GST Helpline App Now Available with HSN/SAC Code Finder

Atul Mittal

March 30, 2018

GST Helpline App with HSN/SAC Code Finder

Your favorite GST Helpline India App now comes with a free HSN/SAC code finder tool which you can use to find the exact HSN codes and SAC codes for any of your products and services. HSN code tool will give you HSN code along with applicable GST rate and CESS rate for any commodity. You can search the tool by product name, chapter name or HSN code.

GST Helpline India is one of the most popular mobile applications for every kind of GST related information, queries, FAQs, and news. This app has now become more awesome with the integration of an inbuilt HSN code finder which will give you the right HSN code and GST rate for all the taxable goods and services. With the implementation of GST in India, individuals and businesses are continuously looking for help to understand the new tax system. With our free GST Helpline app and GST rate finder, you can now get every help you seek.

What are HSN/SAC Codes?

HSN codes are the unique codes assigned to each taxable product or each category (chapter) of products according to the rules devised by the Harmonized System of Nomenclature.

Similarly, SAC (Service Access Codes) are unique codes used to identify a specific type of service. Under the GST system, HSN/SAC codes are used to identify and tax different products and services. It is mandatory for dealers to mention HSN/SAC codes for all their taxable goods and services.

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How to find HSN code and GST rate for a product/service?

You can search the internet for the complete list of HSN and SAC codes for various commodities in India. But this is a rather complex process. The easiest way to find the right HSN/SAC with GST rate & CESS for any of your goods is to use this free HSN code finder tool. The option is now integrated with your GST Helpline app where you access the tool with just one click.

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To find the HSN/SAC code of an item, search by product/service name. You will see the complete product-wise list of HSN codes along with GST and CESS rates.


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  1. If a wedding planner in India carries out the job for a wedding planner based in UK in respect of a marriage held in India,when he raises the invoice on the wedding planner in UK ,does he need to charge GST. If yes what is the applicable rate

  2. Dear Sir,
    I have fill a tender for supply and installation of solar pumpin rajasthan dept (govt) .this is basically a rate contract. Can you clarify the GST rate appicabble on work contract /rate contract for supply and installation of solar system.

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