NAA Introduces Helpline Number For GST Profiteering Complaints


August 29, 2018


The prime purpose of the National Anti-profiteering Authority (NAA) is to make sure that the advantage of the rate reduction under the Goods and Services Tax regime should be available for the end consumers. Further, the Authority has taken some favoring steps in order to accomplish the objective. Consumers can now lodge grievances in opposition to any anti-profiteering exercises by sellers/traders using the helpline number 011-21400643.

As mentioned by the National Anti-profiteering Authority website, the helpline number is active in working hours on respective working days. The complainers can contact on the helpline number from 9:30 am to 6 pm, however, from 1 pm to 1.30pm it wouldn’t be available. Apart from the complaints, the helpline number can as well be sourced for the medium to provide detailing and sort out disputes concerning GST profiteering.

With the launch of GST, many taxpayers were not happy considering the different tax slabs as it is not fitting in the definition of One Nation One Tax. Although, the Central Government inferred that the different tax slab is put considering income disparities in India for a more multilateral and consolidated tax slab. To keep a check on inflation, the GST on daily consumer goods covering basic services was revised on regular basis.

After GST implementation, the GST Council has tried to rationalize the tax slab at 28%. To ascertain the GST benefits to reach consumers, the National Anti-profiteering Authority was established.

Although, NAA has not made any big step on the deal yet since the inception. Therefore, it was compelled to introduce this helpline in order to make consumers file complaint easily and effortlessly. To lodge a complaint, it is required that the taxpayer should provide pre and post GST invoices mentioning price variation of bought Goods and services. The complainer also requires to affix invoice copy as a proof. Common consumers can also file the complaints on the NAA website if they didn’t get GST rate reduction benefits.


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