Gen GST Software Demo India – Presenting GST e-Filing & Billing Procedure

Anmol Kumar

March 30, 2018

SAG Infotech finally launches much anticipated Gen GST Software demo in India for the GST e-filing and billing work. The demo presents all the details and working on the GST software in brief and help the users in finding all the necessary features which are required in an appropriate GST software demo.

After a lot of extensive working over the software, we are finally able to reveal what in behind our great software. The demo shows a direct view of all the interfaces of master creation, billing and filing. The demo also provides the insight of registration window along with the GST returns parts.

The demo will be showing all the user windows of GST returns with tab reaching at B2C small, B2C Large along with all the invoice. Have a look at the details and finer imprints of newly developed Gen GST software.

Presenting GEN GST Software Live Demo


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