Trusted & Affordable GST Software for Small Business (SME’s)


October 30, 2019

Best GST Software for Small Businesses
  • Gen GST is the best e-filing & billing software for small businesses.
  • Built in Highly Secured Java language.
  • Download free demo of highly trusted GST software.

The Goods & Services Tax, which was introduced in India on July 1, 2017, promises to bring transparency to the business tax procedures in the country. Although the GST was launched with a positive goal, its implementation itself became a major issue for the government as well for the businesses. Most businesses, especially small and medium companies (SMEs), are struggling to become GST compliant. However, there are some effective solutions to this problem, but the best one is GST software for small business which can give big relief to business owners in India.

A GST e-filing & billing software is the perfect tool to help businesses with various GST related activities and implementation tasks. Gen GST is one such tool. Introduced by SAG Infotech Pvt. Ltd. even before the implementation of GST system in India, Gen GST is one comprehensive GST solution that can tackle everything related to GST that bothers you. The software was mainly designed to help small businesses and startups easily transit to the new tax system.


What is Gen GST Software?

Gen GST Software is a complete GST billing and e-filing software that was created to assist businesses and CAs with all GST related activities. The software enables businesses to easily accept GST into their system without making many changes or investing a lot of money on dedicated systems, servers and IT/accounting people.

Gen GST software supports the following features and functionalities:

  • E-filing of GST returns, for as many clients as you want
  • GST registration
  • Easy creation of GST compliant bills and invoices, refund vouchers, debit/credit notes, e-way bill, payment voucher, etc.
  • Easy uploading of data and invoices to the GST portal
  • Easy and fast payments of tax
  • High security in payment and other transactions
  • Internal security and password protected encryption
  • Direct import of data and invoices from Excel and third-party software
  • Dedicated mobile application
  • Cloud version for online users
  • Desktop version compatible with all operating systems
  • Auto error detection

How is Gen GST Software helping small businesses?

The major troubles around GST are in the form of lack of proper information, failure of the government to effectively implement the GST rules and confusion among businesses regarding GST rates and procedure. What people actually need is a complete solution that can solve their queries and help them filing GST returns on time. Gen GST is here to do just that.

Thousands of small and medium enterprises in India are already using this amazing tool to implement GST into their existing IT systems. The best thing about Gen GST is that it can smoothly fit in almost any type of accounting system and with your existing software. The businesses are using trusted Gen GST software for creating GST compliant invoice, payment and refund vouchers, notes, etc., for various business transactions.

It is super easy, even for novice users, to file a GST return using this application. FIling tax returns was never this simple, even before the implementation of GST. In short, Gen GST is everything you need right now to make you business GST compliant in India.

Other Features of Gen GST Software

Some other notable features of this GST software have been listed below.

  • Single click e-payment of tax amounts, penalties, etc.
  • Auto error detection and handling before uploading data to the GST server
  • Powered by a very secure JAVA framework
  • Creation of Masters
  • Platform independent with support to all major operating systems
  • Support to multiple third-party accounting tools
  • Mobile application support
  • Dedicated GST Helpline
  • Auto-sync between desktop, cloud and mobile applications
  • Data mismatch detection and notification
  • Importing client details
  • SMS/Email notifications to clients
  • Backup/Restore
  • Theme customization

Is it truly a perfect GST tool for small business?

If you ask me, the answer would be a big YES. Gen GST Software is, no doubt, one of the best and the most complete GST software tool in the market. No other GST application will offer you so many features and functions as this one does.

However, it is up to you to decide whether Gen GST is a perfect GST solution for your particular business. I personally recommend this software after having used it for a few weeks now. Gen GST is also available in a free downloadable format that is usable for a single user return filing. Go ahead and give it a try, I am sure you’ll love it.


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