GST Registration: Now E-Verify Application Via OTP

Anmol Kumar

January 10, 2019

GST Registration Verification
    • GST registration exemption limit has been increased from Rs 20 lakhs to Rs 40 lakhs

There is a lot of ‘hue and cries’ among the traders regarding the registration process for the GST. So, in lieu to help those traders the Government has launched the GST registration through the e-verification mode.

In this latest e-verification process, traders and businesses can opt for verification of their Goods and Services Tax (GST) registration through the e-mode, in which an OTP will be sent to their registered mobile number to complete the verification process. It must be noted that this latest move is in addition to the existing option of using banking channel or electronic verification code (EVC), for e-verification of the enrolment.

The Government has come up with this idea after receiving a lot of complaints from the traders. Many of the traders and companies were earlier complaining of facing problems in verifying their GST enrolment through digital signature and Aadhaar based verification process. “The Council has given us powers to notify any other mode of verification. Suppose, people are not able to link with the help of digital signature or e-sign, one more method is the bank, and one more option for us is to verify by sending OTP on his registered mobile,” an official said.

We all must be knowing that for the registration of the GST, a person requires to declare his/her Permanent Account Number (PAN), mobile number, e-mail address and the state or union territory his/her business is located in the registration form.

GST Registration Rules in PDF

The PAN card number is validated by the CBDT; while the mobile number is verified by the one-time password (OTP) sent to the mobile number; whereas, the e-mail address is verified through a separate OTP sent to the said mail address. On the successful verification of all the above-said process, a temporary reference number is generated and communicated to the applicant on the given mobile number and e-mail address.

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Beforehand, this temporary reference number needed to be submitted along with the electronic application duly signed or verified through EVC and after this the acknowledgment shall be issued electronically to the applicant. But now, companies and traders can opt for OTP for e-verification of the registration application. The whole new process is being seen as a greater government leeway to smoothly carry on the whole GST registration process.


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