Buy Gen GST Software, Now Available with Discount Offer


March 30, 2018

Buy GST Software on Discount
  • Buy Gen GST Software - Desktop Variant with flat 40% Discount offer. Original Price = Rs. 5,000 and After the Discount Offer = Rs. 3,000.
  • Buy Combo offer (Gen GST + Gen Genius) only at Rs. 11,000 and save Rs. 4,000.

Buy Gen GST software – desktop variant or software solution package (Gen GST + Gen Genius) by Sag Infotech is now available in an attractive discount offer. Users can enjoy the discount of flat Rs. 2,000 on desktop variant of Gen GST and Rs. 4,000 when they buy both the applications(Combo offer) in a single order.

GEN Genius: One of the India’s most popular and complete tax solution, Gen Genius has everything you need to manage your company’s accounting and tax structure.

GEN GST: The software was created and launched to help SMB enterprises with their GST (Goods & Services Tax) needs such as GST compliant billing, return filing, IT management, etc.

Why your company needs these software solutions?

Both Gen GST and Gen Genius are the perfect software applications for small to mid-size enterprises that want to automate their company’s tax and accounting infrastructure.

Genius application helps you automate and manage many of your regular office activities like ITR e-filing, form management, TDS return filing, SMS & emails, MIS reporting, accounts backup and restore, balance sheet handling, audit reports, CMA/EMI preparation, DSC management, billing, data import/export, online verification of PAN/TAN, and more.

Gen GST has a different purpose. It was designed to help companies and CAs easily manage their business tax accounts and activities through a simple yet comprehensive solution. It can help you with many GST related tasks, including billing of GST supplies, creating GST invoices, e-way bills, payment and refund vouchers, etc., filing GST returns and making a tax payment, and more. The best thing is that the software is available in three formats – online (cloud), desktop, and mobile – which makes it more convenient for users.

However, this offer includes only the desktop version of Gen GST.

What is the discount offer on GST Software?

Under this offer, when a user buys Gen GST (desktop variant) in a single order on or before 31st December 2017, they will get an instant amount of Rs. 2,000 and when they choose combo offer (Gen GST desktop version + Gen Genius), will get a discount of Rs. 4,000.

The Gen GST desktop variant, which is originally priced at Rs. 5,000 is available with 40% discount at a reduced price of Rs. 3,000 under this offer.

The original cost of Gen Genius software is Rs. 10,000, however, if you buy it under this offer, you’ll get it for just Rs. 7,000.

So, the software package that should originally cost you Rs. 15,000 is now available at only Rs. 11,000. The only condition is that both the products should be purchased in combo (together).

Gen GST and Genius are the only two software you will ever need to manage the entire accounting structure of your firm, irrespective of the size of the business. Both the GST software applications have advanced features like time-saving mechanism, multi-user facility, high accuracy, expert support, hassle free operations, live updates and other advanced accounting functionalities.

Hurry! What are you waiting for? Buy Gen GST Software now. The discount offer is valid for a limited period (until 31st December 2017).

Check out the offer image for details or contact us if you have any query about this offer.


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