E-Way Bill Software: Top Features You Should Know About


August 8, 2019

E-Way Bill Software

The e-way bill has been mandated by almost every state government in India. This makes it compulsory for every transporter carrying goods worth Rs 50,000 or more to carry a valid e-way bill. So, every supplier and transporter has now been looking for an easy and fast way to generate e-way bills. There are some good GST E Way bill software applications out there that can help, however, it is essential to know the features of a reliable e-way bill program so that you can differentiate a good software from a bad one.

E-Way bill is an electronic bill/invoice of transportation that is generated by a supplier or transporter and contains the details of a particular transport of taxable goods, including the GSTIN, transport value, goods details, sender and receiver details, transporter and vehicle details, etc. In this article, we will talk about Gen GST E Way Bill software which is a comprehensive GST e-way bill generation and updation platform with all the essential features and functionalities you may ever need.

Gen GST is a popular GST billing and e-filing software being used by thousands of merchants across the country. The software is intended to make the GST compliance and return filing process easier and affordable for merchants and professionals in India. It was launched soon after the implementation of GST system in the country, and now the software also provides the facility to create and generate e-way bills for transportation across and within the Indian States. Let’s find out more about the features and benefits of Gen GST E-way bill application.


Gen GST E-way bill Software Features and Functionalities

Tagged as India’s top GST bill creation software, Gen GST has all the features you will need to generate, validate and create GST compliant e way bills.

Registration on E Way Bill Portal

Within Gen GST software, there is an option to register a new account on the e way bill portal for taxpayers and transporters.

Generation of E Way Bills

The software can be used for creating GST compliant e-way bills by providing the required details. Additional features include bulk e-way bill creation, Part A slip generation for transporters, the extension of e-way bill validity, regeneration of a consolidated e-way bill previously created through Gen GST, bulk upload to e way bill portal and updation of an old e-way bill.

Generation of Consolidated E Way Bills

Gen GST also gives you the facility to generate and/or regenerate consolidate e-way bill for your transportation.

Changes in an E Way Bill

With the help of Gen GST, you can also update the information of vehicle number, transporter or vehicle ID, bill status, vehicle history records, etc for a previously generated e-way bill.

Validation of E Way Bills

Gen GST e way bill app can be used for validating e-way bill JSON files. The software automatically validates the files for bugs or errors before they are uploaded to the portal.

Cancellation/Rejection of an E way bill

Cancelling an e way bill was never this easy. Just use the option given in your Gen GST software to cancel an existing e way bill that was created with the same application. You can also reject a false or error bill using the same option.

Records of E Way Bills

Gen GST E Way invoice app has been designed to automatically save the records of all the e-way bills that are ever created using this software. That means your GST software automatically saves a copy of the e way bill generated by you so that you can recover or check them at a later date. You can also filter the bills by date of creation, status, date of delivery, date of dispatch, etc.

Import/Export of E Way Bill Data

The software enables you to directly import user or shipment details from any other software or even from GST portal to furnish details while creating an e way bill. The data can also be imported from an Excel or other supported formats. Users can also import e-way bill directly from the GST portal to the Gen GST software.

Printing of E Way Bills

In addition to generating an e-way bill, users can also print old and new e-way bills using the Gen GST desktop or cloud software. The bills can be printed in either short or detailed format or can be downloaded for later printing.

E way bill filtering and sorting

As mentioned above, Gen GST keeps a record of all the e way bills ever created by a user using this application. You can see your old e way bills and filter them by status to find and download the bill you need.

Gen GST is a complete e way bill software application designed to make it easier for suppliers and transporters to generate the right GST invoices to ensure a glitch-free transportation of goods within the country.

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