GST Software for Chartered Accountants (CA) in India


August 14, 2019

GST Software for Chartered Accountants - CA

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) implemented in India is playing a major role in shaping up the country. While you may have noticed the impact of GST on almost every business sector, many professions are also affected by the new tax regime. One of the most affected professions by GST is of Chartered Accountancy.

Chartered Accountants (CAs) in India are much reputed as it is a thriving profession. The introduction of GST has only created a surge in the demand of skilled and informed CAs who can help businesses with GST compliance, rules, billing, return filing and other activities. As the demand for Chartered Accountants is increasing, so is the need for quality GST software and services to help CA professionals with their jobs. Many CAs use GST software to manage their clients’ accounts, perform transactions, file returns, create GST invoices and maintain accounting records. Gen GST by SAG Infotech is a popular GST billing and e-filing software for chartered accountants (CA).

What is Gen GST?

Gen GST has been designed to help Chartered Accountants in India with their regular tax-related activities. This is a one-in-all application that lets you create new GST registrations, file GST returns, create GST compliant bills and invoices, cross-check errors in tax returns, create GST e-way bills and much more.

Gen GST software application is available in the following three formats: Desktop software, cloud solution, and a mobile app.

Facilities provided by Gen GST Software for Chartered Accountants

Gen GST can be used by CAs for performing almost every GST (and other tax) related activities, such as:

  • Unlimited E-filing of GST returns
  • Creation of GST compliant bills, GST invoices, purchase invoice (for unregistered dealers), and more in just one click
  • Easy payment of GST dues (and penalties)
  • E-way bill registration and generation
  • Creation, downloading and printing of e-way bills in bulk
  • Import/Export of data from/to any third party software and GST portal
  • Bulk import of client data
  • Easy management of input credit balance with input credit register

Why Gen GST Software for CA?

With many GST applications out there, it can be confusing to select a reliable software. Here are some reasons to help you know why Gen GST is simply the best GST software for Chartered Accountants.

Automatic Error Detection

The typing errors and validation issues are very common while filing tax returns or creating a GST invoice. Even the data given by your clients to you may contain unnoticeable errors. Thankfully, Gen GST has the capability to automatically detect such errors. The software will notify CAs about the errors to help them file complete and correct tax returns. This facility is certainly crucial given the frequent technical issues on the GST common portal.

Gen GST also validates all the data, for format and other errors, fed to the system.

Multiple Client Support

One of the reasons why Gen GST is a perfect tool for CAs is that it allows them to manage accounts of multiple clients from a single software/system. Yes, you can create accounts of all your clients, file returns on their behalf, create GST bills and more using a single Gen GST subscription. No need to purchase multiple software accounts.

Also, it is super easy to access and manage clients’ records, even remotely, with Gen GST.

Unlimited Return Filing

With Gen GST, there is no limit to the number of returns you can file for as many clients you want. Yes, a single subscription/license of Gen GST software gives you the ability to file unlimited GST returns. This is more than any CA will ever need.

Receipt/Bill Creation

One of the significant features of Gen GST is that it supports all kinds of GST bills and invoices. So, you can create purchase invoices, sales bills, reverse charge mechanism (RCM) invoices, e-way bills for transportation, advance receipts, and more.

Other GST software features include

  • LAN connectivity for multiple computers in a single workplace
  • Automatic backup and recovery of data
  • High-security with encryption
  • Return lock mechanism

Gen GST Software Price

Priced at just INR 5000 (one-time price), Gen GST (Desktop) is arguably the most cost-effective GST software applications available in the market today. In addition to a free demo software, we offer occasional discounts on Gen GST to our trusted clients and CAs. Be a part of the growing CA community by investing in a GST software that can surely help your CA practice/business to grow further and acquire more clients.

The price of GEN GST Cloud (online) application starts from INR 19,999, along with an additional INR 10,000 for the mobile application (optional).


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