GST Accounting Software India – Read A Comprehensive Guide Before Buying


August 28, 2019

GST Accounting Software India

Overview of GST Accounting Software in India: With the transition of modern India, GST has become the predominant phase for a common man to traders to big businesses as GST structure is fresh and at the same time dubious as well. In this regard, a GST software application comes into the light and plays an important role in managing systematic GST tax filing and accommodating Indian firms with GST requirements. Numerous GST accounting software applications are out there in the market and competing to prove themselves the best, but only some are good considering pricing, features, and user-friendly platform.

This post covers the details of an affordable yet well-accommodated GST software in the country and reaches to the niche while comparing the pricing and discount offer of some popular GST software. We have done a meticulous research on many software and came out with the best performer among them. Some basic features are found similar in all, like GST compliance invoicing, billing facility, tax returns filing, export/import facility, etc., while some are providing more add-ons to the basic functioning.

Gen GST Accounting Software Features & Price

SAG Infotech Pvt. Ltd (IT-services, Jaipur) developed and launched the Gen GST accounting software with full-commitment to provide a completely integrated and advanced platform in GST filing. The app is built on a completely fresh environment and following the new guidelines from the government of India.

One of the attractions of this app is that it is updated on regular basis considering amendments in GST rates and provisions made by the GST Council. Here is the list of the most attractive features of Gen GST that make it the best among competitors.

Important Features Of Gen GST

  • High security via encryption and password protection
  • GST compliant billing and invoicing
  • Auto error detection
  • Unlimited E-filing of tax returns for multiple clients
  • Easy uploading to the GST portal
  • Free Demo/trial version
  • Easy import-export
  • Backed by a highly secured JAVA platform
  • Dedicated GST Helpline mobile app
  • Easy uploading to the GST portal
  • Multiple software variants with auto-sync capability
  • Cloud application

The demo version of Gen GST is available for free and paid range starts from Rs. 5,000 for the desktop variant. Furthermore, you will find more of options in price range according to your convenience which is not the case with many other GST accounting software.

RecommendedComparison Between GST Accounting Softwares in India

Comparison Price List of Gen GST With Others

Software Name


1. Gen GST
  1. Free Version-Available for PC/Desktop
  2. Desktop Variant- Rs. 5000 (Rs. 2,000 per year)
  3. Cloud(Online) Software-

STANDARD – Rs. 19999



  1. Mobile App- Rs. 10000
2. ClearTax
  1. Free Version- Available
  2. For CAs and professionals- Rs. 6,000 per year
  3. For Small businesses – Rs. 7,500 per year
  4. For medium & large corporates – custom pricing
3. Zoho Books
  1. Free Version- Available
  2. Paid Version- Rs. 2,499 per year for One Organization

4. Marg
  1. Free Version- Available
  2. Basic Edition for 2 Users – Rs. 7200
  3. Silver Edition for 2 Users – Rs. 12600
  4. Gold Edition for Unlimited Users/companies – Rs. 25200
5. Tally
  1. Free Version- Available
  2. Silver edition (Single User) – Rs. 18000 plus taxes
  3. Gold (Multi-User) edition – Rs. 54,000 plus taxes

Overall, Gen GST has proven to be the most efficient GST billing and e-filing software, in terms of features and usability, for businesspersons and CAs in the country. Get a free demo of GST accounting software now!


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