5 Way to Filing Your GST Return Easily | File GST Return Online

5 Way to Filing Your GST Return Easily | File GST Return Online


With the introduction and implementation of GST in India, the Nature of Tax filing has changed. ITC has come into existence and plays a crucial role in the whole process. As we know, earlier there was no need for the buyers to get the invoices reconciled with the invoices of the respective vendors. But in the current, changed scenario they have to do the same and at times it becomes very difficult to reconcile the inward supply invoices with the outward supply of their vendor’s invoices especially when the buyer has to purchase goods from different suppliers. When one fails to do so, he must face a loss of the Input Tax Credit (ITC). Thus we see that how important is ITC, for paying off the business Tax liabilities Read More


GST eWay Bill Not Required within 50KM For Job Work in Rajasthan


In a sign of relief, Commercial Tax Department in Rajasthan has recently announced that business units relating to cargo/ transportation now do not require e-Way Bills for job work within 50 km of transporting goods.

According to Alok Gupta, Commercial tax commissioner, “As business units will not be required to generate e-way bills for transport of goods for job works commencing and terminating within 50 km, their compliance burden will be reduced.” Read More


10 Rumours Related To GST: Be Aware Of All These False Info

Rumours Related GST

GST, the biggest ever taxation law is going to be implemented from the 1st July, and as the date is getting closer we are hearing a lot of rumors and misconceptions related to this upcoming law. The most debated of all is whether GST is good or bad?

People can have their own opinion about this, many are saying that its good for the economy; few are not unison to this and are stating that it may slow down the pace of economic growth of India. But, very frankly the ultimate impact of GST can only be analyzed after the implementation of the GST law. Read More


GST Bill Will Be Passed by May End Across All States in India

GST Will be Passed by May End

Last updated on – May 31, 2017 : Delhi Assembly passes state GST bill in a special session

SGST (State Goods and Service Tax) Bill was passed by eight assemblies (states) across India in the month of April- May as the Centre gears up to roll out the new GST law across India by July.

According to revenue secretary Hasmukh Adhia. addressing a GST Conclave said that all states were expected to pass their SGST law by May-end to ensure that the GST regime was rolled out by July. Read More