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October 1, 2019

GST Software for Restaurants

A true innovation that serves all – Gen GST Software was invented by SAG Infotech with the mission to become an epitome of accurate, compliant and in-time GST management. Aptly termed ‘panacea from SAG Infotech’, Gen GST Software serves an errorless and effortless management of GST related activities in compliance with the latest tax rules and regulations, irrespective of what the business is.

In India, the restaurant industry is worth Rs.75,000 crores and growing at a pace of 7% annually. Restaurant owners, just like any other business, are constantly looking for proper and complete GST software solutions for easy GST return filing, e-billing and other compliance related services.

Let us dig deeper into how Gen GST software can help restaurants in terms of GST related tasks.

Why Gen GST is the best GST Software for Restaurants and Food Businesses

Highly Advanced

Gen GST is a hi-tech software which facilitates users to e-file the returns from various sources easily and accurately. The application is developed on cutting-edge technologies and is regularly updated based on the latest GST compliance rules.

Creation of Masters:

This feature enables the maintenance of data in an organised manner by abbreviating verbosity of data. Creation of Masters supersedes the need to enter the same data many times. The fusion of similar kind/format of data/word/phrase is possible through Data merging utility followed by the elimination of the masters via Delete the Master function, available in Gen GST Software for restaurant.

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GST Compliance Invoices

Invoice creation facilitates the production of invoices from invoices/bills of Goods and Services to customize billing. Restaurant manager or owner can now easily create custom-built invoices such as shipping bill, debit-credit note, advance receipt and e-Way Bill. Invoice creation facilitates of invoices from invoices/bills of Goods and Services to customize billing. Restaurant manager or owner can now easily create custom-built invoices such as shipping bill, debit-credit note, advance receipt and e-way bill.

Easy and Complete E-Filing of GST Returns

Gen GST Software serves the facility of e-filing of return and invoicing via Fast e-filing and DESCRIPTIVE e-filing modes. A restaurant owner can fill the GSTR Forms as per the government norms and follow compliance with accurate reports. In addition to it, he/she can also upload the invoices as per their convenience. Further Gen GST Software helps them detect any mismatch or error through Match Mismatch Report Notification and Auto Error Identification features respectively.

Gen GST Software for restaurants supports the e-filing of almost every GST return form, including GSTR-1, GSTR-2, GSTR-3, and more.

Data Import-Export:

Gen GST software has been enabled with data import facility which restaurant owners can use to upload/import data from any other compatible GST accounting software or online portal. Moreover, taxpayers can also export their GST returns and invoices to other software and applications. Other than that, the software also allows import/export excel templates from/to GSTN, import of JSON e-file from other tools, upload of returns to GST portal, import billing details, and more.

Updates & Notifications by SMS/Email:

Gen GST software can be customized to send SMS and Email notifications related to the status of e-filing of returns to the clients and other parties

In-app Payment of Taxes

Gen GST software has also been integrated with the payment feature using which a taxpayer/return-filer can easily make the e-payment of their due-taxes with a single click. The program gives access to the GST portal API where you can directly pay taxes to the government and receive the confirmation along with a payment voucher.

Best-in-class Security

Owing to the increasing issues of online theft and fraud, Gen GST software by SAG Infotech has been created with high-security measures in place. For instance, the application comes with high-end security features, including data encryption, User Rights, Client/Year Wise Password Protection, Return Lock Facility and Log facility.

To conclude, Gen GST is the best GST software for restaurant businesses, as it comes integrated with all the features and facilities you may ever need to be GST compliant, removing the need for hiring separate GST professionals, CAs, etc., or pay high fees for return filing. Get a Free Demo Now!


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