Best GST Software for Manufacturing Industries and Companies in India


July 12, 2019

GST Software for Manufacturing Industries

Gen GST software is a panacea from SAG Infotech for any kind of issue related to the latest tax regime in India. It is a software that can manage all your GST related activities without any hassle, no matter what’s the business.

Now the question arises how would it be helpful for manufacturing industries and companies. Here in this post, we are mentioning some of the top-rated features of our feature packed Gen GST software for manufacturing, which would help in the context of tax-related work for a manufacturing firm.

Listed Features are as follows in Gen GST Software for Manufacturing Business:


Gen GST is advanced software which allows e-filing through any channel enabling users for return filing from multiple choices.

Creation of Masters:

With this feature, the software helps in maintaining an organized database by eliminating data redundancy. Hence, once the masters are created there is no need of entering the same data multiple times. Also, with the utilities like Data Merging and Delete the Master, one can merge similar kind/format of data/word/phrase and delete the masters which are no longer in use.

Invoice Creation:

With this feature, the Gen Gen software allows the creation of several invoices from invoicing for Goods and Services to customize billing including others like debit-credit note, shipping bill, advance receipt and e-Way Bill as well.


  • E-filing of return and invoicing via Fast e-filing and DESCRIPTIVE e-filing modes.
  • A complete filing of GSTR Forms as per the norms and dual compliance with accurate reports.
  • Uploading of Invoice as per your convenience
  • Match Mismatch Report Notification Feature
  • Auto Error Identification

Import-Export Facilities:

  • Data Import Facility From Renowned Accounting Software.
  • Import and Export of GST return and invoicing from Excel format to the software.
  • Import and Export for direct import/export of pre-decided excel template provided by GSTN.
  • Import of e-file (JSON) prepared by any other tool.
  • Direct filing to GST Portal if provided by GSTN.
  • Import billing data into GSTR 1.

SMS/Email Facility:

Furthermore, the Gen GST software provides the facility of sending SMS and Emails regarding the status of e-file return to the respective clients.


one can register under GST at the GST portal from our software via provided certain forms depending upon the type of registration like

Regular Dealer- Form no. REG-1, 4, 7, 9, 10, 11, 14, 16.
Composition Dealer- Form no. CMP-1, 2, 3, 4.
Practitioner- Form no PCT-1.


One can make an online payment with provided forms via our software including form no. PMT-1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7.

Input Tax Credit:

It helps in calculating tax liability automatically through our software from the provided forms like ITC-1,2,3 and 4.

Advanced Security:

SAG Infotech developed the Gen GST software keeping the security aspect in mind. It facilities features like the User Right, Client/Year Wise Password Protection, Return Lock Facility and Log. They respectively passed software control to the admin, protect yearly data and important client’s with a password, lock particular return with its return status and software monitoring from Log.

Interactive Date/Week/Month Wise Reports: It facilitates with date wise reports to crosscheck.

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General Features:

Among the general features, the software provides LAN Connectivity, Help-related functionality of the software, Restore and Backup option to save data from partial or total loss, SEPs (Suggestions/Errors/Problems) for suggestions and report about errors and problems in the software and customize theme as well for change theme, colour and user interface of the software.

Lately, our company has launched the Gen GST Software Version 2.0 that’s completely platform and OS independent. Also, it is available in both online and offline variants. With these features, one can run the same program on any platform (Mobile/Tablet, PC, Mac) and OS(Linux, Windows, Android, IOS) without any alterations.

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As the software is cloud-based which allow its access from anywhere in the world. Not even this, the new Gen GST software which is more advanced than ever in any form endows access over complete GST-compliant billing solution with customized bill options and facility as per the individual needs of clients.


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