CBIC Launched GST Verify App to Secure Consumers From GST Fraud


August 10, 2018


Finally, the official verification app has been arrived i.e. ‘GST Verify App‘ which will find out the authenticity of the dealer and retailers collecting GST. It is developed by B Raghu Kiran joint commissioner GST Hyderabad

The app is designed to give an instant feedback of the retailer on the spot regarding its genuine registration details and status of a retailer who is collecting GST.

The app will assist in all the relevant information and help the consumers in deciding whether to pay GST or not to the retailer. The GST Verify app will provide complete details of the dealer or merchant.

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The app will require to be installed and after which the user will have to insert the GST No. of the particular dealer. The app will provide authentic details of the dealer by which the customer can decide to pay GST or not.

The consumers can also share the feedback on the app itself which would further help the department to carry research on the issue and on the particular dealer

Overall the concept of the app is much needed for the normal customers who were blindly paying the GST without being obligated for it. Most of the dealers are collecting inappropriate taxes without the knowledge of taxpayers.

You can be download this GST android app from Play Store and also Here


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