Need Of GST Specialists And Tax Professionals Opens Dimension Of New Jobs In India


March 30, 2018

GST Specialists and Tax Professionals

As the IT sector is witnessing the sack of employees in maximum numbers, the demand of professionals specialized in GST is in huge demand. Various Recruitment sites are offering amazing job offers to the professionals who could assist the companies in compliance and work for the smooth implementation of the new tax reform. The requirement of such professionals on urgent basis.

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There have been numerous job postings by multiple companies in last one week, offering salary package range of Rs 3-7 lakh per annum. An FMCG company has offered a salary of Rs 7 lakh per annum in its advertisement. The demand for GST specialists and professionals is way beyond services being offered by audit and taxation firms in India. According to some hiring experts, it is a golden opportunity for several IT professionals who recently lost their in the mass sacking by IT companies. A GST specialist may soon replace the role of the data scientist in various accounting and consulting firms.

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Paul Dupuis, the newly appointed MD & CEO at Randstad India, said, “I see new opportunities in GST. There will be specialists required to support the enablement of the whole movement of GST and that will cover every function. There will be people that will handle the e-payment model, the flow of information, the flow of money and the protection of privacy along that flow. It’s hard to predict what it will look like, but there will be opportunities that will get created.”

Dupuis said companies are at the cusp of understanding how the implementation would take place and are thus looking out for specialists. As for candidates, Dupuis said, “Project managers would be required and IT people are typically agile and generally good at project management. The advice we are giving to these candidates is to re-skill and become relevant. An e-commerce IT specialist, for instance, could get placed in a pharmaceutical company. It will result in more jobs. We just haven’t seen what it will translate into yet.”

Dupuis also sees this as an opportunity for Randstad India to create a bench of the mobile workforce of highly qualified individuals who could be deployed wherever required just in time. “We are keen to do that in India. Being entrepreneurial, this could be an opportunity for us to be in the forefront,” said Dupuis.

Sunil Goel, MD, GlobalHunt, an executive search firm, said existing tax professionals, too, will have to upgrade themselves for GST. “Suddenly, demand for such professionals has increased in the market. It has been observed that people who have worked on VAT and excise are being trained for the task. But it is going to be a big task to get everyone trained and upgraded. Almost 50,000-60,000 trained professionals will be required in the initial three-six months to make the process smooth,” said Goel.

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Big companies already have their dedicated teams of finance and accounting working to keep track of GST and its implementation. Smaller companies, wholesalers, and dealers are the ones who presently require assistance on an urgent basis to remain GST compliant. Sahil Gilani, director (sales & marketing), Gits Food Products, said, “I hope down the line, distributors, retailers, and wholesalers get access to experts so as to avoid the anticipated confusion that is expected to hurt FMCG sales.”

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