Updated GST Return – New GST Return Filing Process

New GST Return Filing Process

Important Points Covered In Updated GST Return Filing Process

The GST council is discussing to revise return forms and return filing process as soon as possible. The GST Council has accepted the framework of furnishing the return, which is now the topic of discussion of parliament sessions. The new return formats were published in public with a series of reviews and stakeholders consultation by the government. The government has named the new return furnishing process as the ‘Sugam’ and ‘Sahaj’ which also stand for simple and easy. Read More


A Guide for Updated GST Return Due Dates with Easy Filing Process

GST Return Filing Procedure

GST return filing on or before the due date is necessary for every taxpayer to avoid any penalty. Here is a GST calendar with all GSTR forms and their current GST return due dates. This can help you to file all your returns.

One must be aware that under GST taxation process, a tax paying entity will have to file returns on an average 3 per month and one annual return, which sums up to 37 returns a year. Read More